13 October 2011

Tonight's anchorage, thanks to Google satellite

The charts for the waters surrounding the ICW in North Carolina are almost completely lacking soundings. An occasional 1 or 3 or just maybe an 8 thrown in as a teaser. Most of the inlets are a solid blue on the chart and the "Note" states something like "because of frequent changes in shoaling and frequently moved buoys we aren't going to give you any info at all." So I have resorted to picking potential anchorages based on the color of the water as seen on Google Satellite images of the area. This has worked surprisingly well. Hopefully Google will update their images accordingly so the "frequently changing shoals" will at least be up to date online, if not on the government charts.

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  1. Nice! Looks like your almost to Wrightsville Beach, Tory and I loved it there. Cool litte town with great mexican food at Tower 7...Have fun.