27 October 2011

Eating and drinking on the hook - Ft. Myers style

We arrived at the end of the Okeechobee waterway in Ft. Myers and realized that although we had charts we didn't have a clear idea of which bits of shoreline were private, which were mangrove and which might provide a small patch of beach. Traveling with a small furry animal changes your way of thinking so that shore access and length of transit gain priority. The local marina didn't have a single
Gulf coast guidebook in stock, and a quick Google search showed an unsettling lack of bookstores in the area. So we dropped the hook and placed an overnight order with Armchair Sailor in Seattle for two Gulf coast guidebooks. This left time to spend a relaxing day in downtown Ft. Myers. We spent a leisurely morning sipping our coffee, then washed a load of laundry and walked to Publix for a few essentials stopping at a farmers market on the way. The books arrived but we decided to enjoy the slow pace a little longer with a Dark-n-stormy and sushi in the cockpit. Tomorrow - day 2 of vacation.

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