04 October 2011

Night watch

Neptune's wrath is in check tonight. A full sky of stars escort us along the coast of Assateague. (I do hope we don't hit a horse.)
NOAA forecast NW 10-15 with 3-4' seas as we left Atlantic City yesterday AM. We are headed for Norfolk and the entrance to the Dismal Swamp extension of the Atlantic Intracoastal Waterway (ICW). Currently motor sailing with (you guessed it) jib and mizzen. This selection results from the ease of single handed sail handling from the cockpit. The seas has been confused and jumbled during this trip. Despite wearing harness/PFDs on deck and being clipped into jacklines the constantly changing movement of the boat as she is battered by the seas prevents one from wanting to venture forward to set or reef the main.

The tidbit I wanted to share was a water conservation plan we devised. The on demand hot water heater is in the galley. We have discovered that the plumbing from the heater to the shower in the head holds exactly one tea kettle of water. Tea and a warm shower what could be better?
All clear on the horizon. Good evening Orion.

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