01 October 2011


We have been putting Kairos through her paces. Pushing South through seas that in no way would be considered tranquil. Motorsailing most of the time. We now have more than 65 hours on the new engine and it is time for her first oil change.
So - how have we and she faired?
Ballantine has proven to have a strong stomach and amazing sea legs. However she has yet to "take a walk" on the boat. The geranium repeatedly tries to sacrifice itself to Neptune despite living on the gimbaled stove. We have an assortment of wet clothing and salty hair - but no other complaints. The jib could use a little sewing on the leech where a hem has given way. The alternator. The field wire has disconnected itself from the alternator in such a way that it requires soldering. Without a charging system we have had to turn off the refrigeration and computer to conserve power. So we motorsail on headed for Atlantic City and all of the pleasures that can be found there (read: grass for B and a soldering iron for the alt.).

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