04 October 2011


I would like to print a retraction. If there was anything in the previous post which Sir Neptune did not think matched his public persona I do apologize. I in no way meant to negate his ferocity or power. Thank you.

So. Around 0200 as my watch was ending the sky clouded over, the wind picked up (did I mention that I had thrown the reef out of the mizzen) and the autopilot started beeping. From 0200-0300 (EST) I had the honor of hand steering the esteemed vessel as his highly skilledness did some continuity checks and somehow re-wired the backup autopilot ram. Did I also mention that earlier in the day the cockpit display for the charting software (aka the 13" tv) decided to only display half the chart? So I got to steer full -n- by since I couldn't see the compass, the clouds were covering all the stars and the chartplotter display was only visible to those in the cabin.
Mea Culpa. Knock in Wood. Sir your royal highness Neptune. I'll check into having that statue of you (which trump casino donated to the people of Atlantic City - i mean really clearly it wasn't their place to donate a statue of your likeness) removed.

Knock on mahogany and teak.

Umm....just as soon as I have 3G.

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