29 July 2011


The "salvaged" NovaKool compressor: 12 Volts DC drawing 2.5 amps with 134A refrigerant. Originally designed to be used with their own aluminum evaporator plates, SS wanted a custom and sturdier option.

He rebuilt the existing ice box with 3-4.5 inches of insulation on the top (as you can see in the photo) as well as the sides and bottom. The icebox mirrors the hull and turns a 90 degree corner around the sink. It has two top opening doors to allow complete access.

Then SS created a mock up of the largest vertical side, considering placement of the tubing and valves and how they would extend through the bulkhead, into the port settee, where the compressor would be mounted.

He sent the mockup to SeaFrost who created a custom, stainless, evaporator plate. Tah dah! All installed it is cooling lunch and beverages while he works on other systems! The plan is to add shelves and dividers to keep items separated and upright once we get a feeling for how we will pack the fridge. Additionally we will be able to hang a vertical ice cube tray off of the evaporator plate to ensure our gin-n-tonics are always icy cold.

27 July 2011

The "To Do" list... revisited

From the sidebar:
1. Cabinetry
2. New roller furler
3. New canvas
4. Refrigeration
5. Radar
6. Repower

1. Cabinetry - In process.
There is now a door under the galley sink / counter, and the framing for the new cabinets above the engine box is complete. However shelves above the engine box remain on the list, as well as my spice rack.

2. New roller furler - picked out, but not yet purchased.

I wanted the ProFurl because I like the open drum, which allows for easy visualization of the reefing line, as well as access for frequent fresh water washes. However, the experts (read SS's rigger friends) discouraged this choice stating that it wasn't worth the $. They recommended, and we settled on, the Harken. Unlike the older Harken model which had a curved piece of stainless wrapping around the drum, this is an open model, which means it meets my requirements!

3. New canvas - In process!

I decided to start with a new sail cover for the mizzen. I purchased a kit from Sailrite for what I call a sail cozy - others call a lazy bag and Sailrite calls a SailPack. Unlike regular covers this cover is unzipped and remains in place, attached to the boom and hiding the foot of the sail while underway. Then when you want to drop the sail- it - in combination with lazyjacks constrains the sail - and poof! it's furled and stowed. I decided on this system because the end of the mizzen boom extends far over the transom requiring leaning and stretching and swinging and acts of gymnastics each time the sail is stowed. Now I'll be able to pull a line attached to a zipper and poof! stowed.

I received the kit in record time and except for the usual cursing which occurs whenever the sewing machine and I meet it went really well. I am waiting for the final fitting once the sail is on the boat.

I also purchased all the materials needed to design a similar mainsail cover. Sailrite doesn't sell a kit large enough. Due to the oddity of the gaff I am waiting to take measurements once the sail is bent on.

4. Refrigeration.
Done! Yippee! Clap clap! (photos to come)

5. Radar. We decided to remove this from the list. If we were staying in Maine it would be a must have. But a chart plotter will be more useful anywhere South of New England.

6. Repower.
Done! Yippee! Clap clap! (see Winter Work)

Now... what was missing from the list?

1. Domestic hot water heater.
Done! Yippee! Clap clap! (photos to come)
2. New stanchions and lifelines.
Almost done.. stanchions mounted.. lifelines in the process of having ends attached. It's a long story - involving a nice friend... and the problem with perfectionists...
3. New chainplates and standing rigging.
- In progress (photos to come)
4. Running backs on the mizzen.
Umm... must remind SS.

4. Inside upholstery.
First I purchased enough batik in matching blues with different prints to sew 10 throw pillows, using pillow forms from Sailrite.

I also purchased enough yardage of Ultrasuede Ambiance Fabric in a light grey / stone (can't remember the exact name of the color) to cover both of the settees. I had plans. However - after asking SS's friend - who is employed creating such marine canvas and upholstery works of art - a LOT of questions - he offered to sew the covers at a discounted rate... so they are in the works.

Finally I created fitted rugs for the forepeak and starboard side of the salon. I cut up an old rug in a color similar to the Ultrasuede and hemmed it with scraps of the batik.

So. That's where we stand. I think. Not bad on the "To Do" list. Plus there are lots of small projects which didn't get a number - but which have taken time. Repainting the hull - painting a bootstripe - sewing a cover for the forward hatch and making it lightproof - creating and attaching the eyebrow - the dodger! - new jaws on the gaff - a new mizzen boom... all complete or in progress. So lots of photos to come.

The plan:
Launch the boat in mid August and head to warmer climates in the beginning of October.
Stay tuned!