29 July 2011


The "salvaged" NovaKool compressor: 12 Volts DC drawing 2.5 amps with 134A refrigerant. Originally designed to be used with their own aluminum evaporator plates, SS wanted a custom and sturdier option.

He rebuilt the existing ice box with 3-4.5 inches of insulation on the top (as you can see in the photo) as well as the sides and bottom. The icebox mirrors the hull and turns a 90 degree corner around the sink. It has two top opening doors to allow complete access.

Then SS created a mock up of the largest vertical side, considering placement of the tubing and valves and how they would extend through the bulkhead, into the port settee, where the compressor would be mounted.

He sent the mockup to SeaFrost who created a custom, stainless, evaporator plate. Tah dah! All installed it is cooling lunch and beverages while he works on other systems! The plan is to add shelves and dividers to keep items separated and upright once we get a feeling for how we will pack the fridge. Additionally we will be able to hang a vertical ice cube tray off of the evaporator plate to ensure our gin-n-tonics are always icy cold.

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