19 September 2011

Proposed Route South

Here it is - the Google Maps edition of our planned trip South - subject to change pending weather and life. The general idea is offshore stretches of sailing from Maine to the Chesapeake. Then take the ICW inside from Norfolk to Cape Fear so we don't have to wait for a weather window to avoid Cape Hatteras. Finally we will sail outside until we arrive in the Miami area where we will create a new plan to enjoy any remaining days. The anchors mark locations we want to explore in Southern Florida. All of this planning might change because Ballantine is joining us - and she has yet to take a "walk" on the boat, so doggie bodily functions could change everything. Stay tuned!
View Proposed Route South in a larger map There is more information embedded in the map so click away! 


  1. So exciting!! How long do you estimate the trips from Maine to P-town and then P-town to Atlantic City will take? Just curious how long Ballantine has to wait for her "walks". :-)

  2. Carrie -
    I'm using a program called GPSNavX to plan the route. From midcoast Maine to P-town is 117nm. We are planning to take as straight a course as possible - if we can't sail straight there we will motor - and if we are making less than 5 knots we will motorsail. So 117 / 5 = around 24 hours. So that's not too bad. Then South of the canal to Atlantic City is 196nm 39 hours - the longest leg will be Cape Fear to St. Augustine at 283nm - 56 hours - hopefully she will have learned to go on the foredeck by then. If not I was going to ask you about puppy suppositories. Any thoughts?