13 April 2011

Winter Work II

The shower...
Despite may hours of work this project doesn't shorten the list.. because it never made the list. Just wasn't a sexy enough project. But very important none the less.

The boat didn't have a shower sump or grey water system. The water simply drained into the bilge.. and after floating through the whole boat was pumped out aft of the engine. Yuck.

Just about the hardest thing to take a picture of. This picture is of the sole of the head and to the right the aft bulkhead. (Ignore the weird hole in the bottom right hard corner this is for the air intake for the diesel heater). The square on the floor is the new sump and the triangle to the right is a channel leading from the low point into the sump. Not quite complete (since there isn't actually a drain in there yet). But you get the idea. There will be a grate covering the sole once complete.

Here is the view under the head sink with the door open and drawers removed. You can see the seacock in the middle. To the right of the red hot (!!) water hose is the accumulator (expansion tank) for the fresh water and above that the fresh water pump, a diaphragm pump. In the upper right is the sump pump after an inline filter.

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