18 August 2011

Bottom Paint

Here's the thing about being "involved" in boatyard life - you acquire many items. For example when a boat is bottom painted it takes more than one can. But the number of cans it requires is never an even amount, perhaps 2 and 3/4 cans or 3 1/2 ... see what I'm getting at? Who wants to carry around 1/4 of a can of bottom paint? This isn't a little varnish can but a whole gallon can with drippy thick paint on the sides. So when you spend a lot of time around boatyards one is able to save these sad cans with their remaining treasure from the inevitable trip to the dumpster. If you rescue enough cans you are able to then bottom paint your own boat for free! (Best choice is to only salvage or liberate one color.. otherwise the bottom of your boat will look like a happy rainbow.) So today I bottom painted in preparation for tomorrow's launch. 5 cans of black bottom paint. Do to my crafty application I have also created a test worthy of Practical Sailor's labs. On the starboard side I predominately used Pettit's Vivid Color in the not so vivid black. On the port side I used Pettit's Trinidad SR. So I'm sure those of you who know their bottom paint, are placing bets on the Trinidad (as I am), but time will tell and I will report back! (For full disclosure the forward starboard side has a combo of AwlGrip bottom paint, and a quart can of undisclosed origin.)

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