06 December 2010

Long time no see...

The Fall cruise was a great success - so much so that I had written the post-cruise post in my head.. it was titled something like "On puffins and hurricanes." Yet after sorting through the photos - and starting a second "winter" job - I was so overwhelmed by the prospect of the post - that I ignored the little voice in my head... until it became.. December. So here we are three months later... and I am going to try to catch up.

Abridged Fall Cruise:

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1. Belfast to "A Little Harbor Northwest of Bucks Harbor"

2. Motored down Eggemoggin Reach. Anchored Opposite Wooden Boat. Nasty storm.

3. Up early - Fog. Motored over Bass Hbr Bar. Shut off engines before Petite Manan. 4-6ft. swells. Beautiful sail in afternoon - with fog lifting. Anchored SW of Knight / Mistake Island.

4. Explored Mistake lighthouse.

5. Sailed downwind to Cross Island, Northernmost home of Outward Bound.

6. Explored trails on Cross Island.

7. (Monday) Sailed Cross I. To Roque. Walked on white sand beach. Listened to forecast of hurricane to arrive on Thursday.

8. Roque to Jonesport - spent 3 hours on dock - got ice and diesel. Motored to Great Wass, anchored in Mud Hole.

9. Great Wass to Baker Island (Part of Acadia National Park).

10. Baker - South of Long Island - East side of Isle au Haut (crazy currents!) Merchants row - to Seal Hbr on East side of Vinalhaven.

11. Preparation and Preparedness

12. Hurricane Earl

13. Windy! Remained in Seal Hbr.

14. Seal Hbr to Duck Hbr. on Isle au Haut (Part of Acadia National Park)

15. Duck to Warren I.

16. Warren I. to Belfast.

So you can see this was an amazing trip full of long sails in open water, and exploring new horizons - past the "normal" cruising grounds.